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Common Thread Media is trying to secure a sustainable future for all by sharing solutions.

Common Thread Media (CTM) is a women-led collective of filmmakers, photographers, and artists in India, who have dedicated their skills and knowledge to work for sustainable development.

We craft narratives that foster harmony, empower people with knowledge that they can use to improve their lives, promote democracy, and protect the environment.

We are not a one-filmmaker enterprise or a big corporate giant; we are a collaborative of filmmakers who are passionate about a better life for all species and our planet. 

Started in 2013, Common Thread Media presently works out of New Delhi, India and has collaborators based in Mumbai, Gujarat, Assam, Chennai, Karnataka, Pune, and Madhya Pradesh.

We're Creative

Common Thread Media is a group of highly qualified, specialised, and experienced film-makers spread across India. We have decided to collaborate and work under one roof to have a formal structure and support all the amazing work we independently. 

We're Punctual

We take timelines and deadlines very seriously. This not only keeps us motivated and involved in the project, but also within assigned budget. At Common Thread Media, we respect the time of organisations we partner with and our own.

We're distributed

Common Thread Media is a community of film-makers are spread all over India. This enables our availability at multiple locations and keeps our costs under control. We also produce for global clients.

We're Transparent

Common Thread Media is a transparent organisation, which maintains transparency in all its operations. Our collaborators as well as clients are informed about all aspects of the project and involved in all key decision points.

400Training Videos
12Documentary Projects
10Corporate Videos
5Award Winning

our services


Our team of skilled photographers at Common Thread Media translate events and campaigns into stories, which lead to greater connection with the audiences.


The visual story tellers at Common Thread Media help organisations translate their events, programmes, and initiatives into stories that help organisations connect with their audiences.


Common Thread Media Collective is passionate about writing. Our blogs, articles, scripts, and storytelling enables organisations to decode technical information into simple ideas that audiences understand.


Before executing any project, we sit down with our partners to understand their needs and suggest suitable media design and distribution strategy. We always suggest plans that works best for our partners.

Our Work

Harvey Woolfe - Evans Woolfe Media
Andrea Lim - BBC Worldwide
Pooja Murada - S M Sehgal Foundation

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We are passionate about telling stories with clarity, simplicity and honesty.

Check our Skills

Common Thread Media Collective- 4 years Old
Photography & Videography- 10 years Experience
Writing- 5 years Experience
Media Strategy- 6 years Experience



Common Thread Media proudly partners with Survival Media in the USA to produce media in India and manage its Indian operations.

Survival Media

Common Thread Media, since its inception, has proudly partnered with Evans Woolfe Media to execute various projects on education in India, including the OERs for TESS-India and documentary on geography of India for BBC Learning Zone.

Evans Woolfe Media

Common Thread Media collaborates with BBC World Wide to execute their projects in India.

BBC Worldwide

Creative Minds

We match every project with a team, which shares the same interest and belief of the client.

Find a talent matching the needs of your project.

Common Thread Media
Ritu BhardwajFounder, Media Producer & Co-ordinator
Common Thread Media
Ankit MehrotraMedia Producer, Cinematographer & Associate
Common Thread Media
Manjulika SenMedia Producer, Cinematographer & Associate
Common Thread Media
Annette JacobJr. Producer & Media Co-ordinator

Featured Work

common thread media
Common Thread Media


Common Thread Media Blog is a forum where we share our experiences, best practices, and updates about our work. Check out our latest blog!

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