A Drought Beyond Water

29 September 2016 / By Ritu Bhardwaj


In 2016, as India experienced worst drought in decades, our team joined a foot march in Bundelkhand (one of the worst drought affected areas) to understand the impacts of climate change on the lives of the people.

Jal Hal Padyatra was organised by various civil society organisations in the drought hit villages of Marathwada and Bundelkhand, the two hotbeds of the ongoing crisis. The Yatra intended to inform villagers about immediate relief available in terms of entitlements ensured under the verdict of the Supreme Court and motivate them to use their traditional knowledge of water conservation and farming to guard against impacts of climate change such as drought. #drought #climatechange #waterharvesting #bundelkhand #JalHalYatra


Produced by Shadia Faynewood

Direction, Camera & Photography by Ritu Bhardwaj

Research by Renuka Saroha & Shibayan Raha

Editing by Ritu Bhardwaj

Assisted by Annette Jacob & Mayurim Das


Survival Media Agency


Common Thread Media
About The Author

Ritu Bhardwaj

A filmmaker, rebel, and an entrepreneur; Ritu is trying to use the power of stories to challenge the narratives that undermine us as a society. She loves to participate in spaces, which encourage open dialogues. She will be totally fine living in a forest by herself. Maybe she will retire that way. But before that she is on mission to work on narratives that push for just and equitable societies.