Exploration India

29 December 2015 / By Ritu Bhardwaj

Project Description


Three 13-year-olds go on a trip of a lifetime to explore the geography of India. Dua, Amalia and Nayan find out what life is really like for the people of India.

Exploration India

Common Thread Media

Nominated for Children's BAFTA, 2015

/ 2015
Nominated for Children's BAFTA, 2015

Common Thread Media Our producer Ritu Bhardwaj partnered with Dominic Sant of Evans Woolfe Media to Co-produce Exploration India - a sixty minute documentary on geography of India. We were honoured that the film was nominated for Children's BAFTA 2015.



Evans Woolfe Media
Commissioner: BBC Learning Zone

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About The Author

Ritu Bhardwaj

A filmmaker, rebel, and an entrepreneur; Ritu is trying to use the power of stories to challenge the narratives that undermine us as a society. She loves to participate in spaces, which encourage open dialogues. She will be totally fine living in a forest by herself. Maybe she will retire that way. But before that she is on mission to work on narratives that push for just and equitable societies.