Lets Invest In Nature

11 August 2017 / By Ritu Bhardwaj

Project Description

In a first of its kind study in India, the Indo German Biodiversity Programme studies 14 biodiversity hotspots in India to assess the economic value of services provided by various ecosystems and the opportunity cost of ignoring them. The research study was conducted under the TEEB-India Initiative. The findings of the case studies were transformed into 14 short animated videos which aim to engage people around the true economic value of biodiversity.


Executive Producer: Ritu Bhardwaj

Creative Director: Shubhangi Singh

Animation: Vrinda Sood, Ankit Bhatti

Assistant Producer: Annette Jacob


Indo-German Biodiversity Programme

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About The Author

Ritu Bhardwaj

A filmmaker, rebel, and an entrepreneur; Ritu is trying to use the power of stories to challenge the narratives that undermine us as a society. She loves to participate in spaces, which encourage open dialogues. She will be totally fine living in a forest by herself. Maybe she will retire that way. But before that she is on mission to work on narratives that push for just and equitable societies.