Vanguard of Days Goneby

07 September 2012 / By Ritu Bhardwaj

Project Description

An Indian schoolteacher uses ancient storytelling to breath life into the ups and downs of contemporary childhood.

Direction, Camera & Photography by Shubanghi Singh / Editorial Lead by Romy Uebel / Editing by Ritu Bhardwaj / Sound Corrections by Pushpendra / Music by Bunnystripes

Common Thread Media

‘You still get Panchatantra when you ask for Indian kids’ literature’

Paro Ananad


Photo & Direction By Subhangi Singh

Editing By Ritu Bhardwaj


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About The Author

Ritu Bhardwaj

A filmmaker, rebel, and an entrepreneur; Ritu is trying to use the power of stories to challenge the narratives that undermine us as a society. She loves to participate in spaces, which encourage open dialogues. She will be totally fine living in a forest by herself. Maybe she will retire that way. But before that she is on mission to work on narratives that push for just and equitable societies.